Author: Pierre Minik

  • 29… +8 years

    29… +8 years

    8 years ago I celebrated my 29th birthday. This was an important mark for me for several reasons. All throughout my late teenage and early twenties I didn’t expect to live to be more than 25. I had undiagnosed schizophrenia and was struggling with depression. Mid-twenties it turned out, to my surprise, I would survive. […]

  • The levitating monk

    The levitating monk

    “Prince Gautama, who had become Buddha, saw one of his followers meditating under a tree at the edge of the Ganges River. Upon inquiring why he was meditating, his follower stated he was attempting to become so enlightened he could cross the river unaided. Buddha gave him a few pennies and said: “Why don’t you […]

  • The story of Convenience and Trouble

    The story of Convenience and Trouble

    Humankind invest in convenience and comfort. We choose the path of less resistance as often as we can. It’s what has brought us here. Our need for it is self-fulfilling. The more we get the more we need. “It’s a nice life you have there. Be a shame if anything happened to it.” Convenience warns […]

  • Take possession of your life

    Take possession of your life

    “You can’t just walk into things with your eyes half open. You’ve got to know what you’re getting into and take possession of your life. It’s a thought process you constantly have to reaffirm or you’ll drift.” Paraphrased quote by Guy Ritchie

  • Outliving relevancy

    Outliving relevancy

    Among my scariest thoughts is the one that in 100.. 500.. 1000 years from now everything will still be the same. And this is harsh.. But nature takes care of a lot of problems over time. If we mess with immortality many ideas might very well outlive their relevancy.

  • Night and Day

    Night and Day

    I’ve had this poem in my thoughts for weeks but haven’t been able to articulate it. Suddenly, while I was busy, it came to me.

  • TiuTiu historien

    TiuTiu historien

    In Danish only: 11 år siden startede JJ og jeg vores første business sammen. Hør os fortælle historier mens vi mindes intense, lærerige oplevelser som friske og naive iværksættere. Ufiltreret og med detaljer vi ikke har delt med andre før.

  • In a Universe full of matter

    In a Universe full of matter

    Single-sentence poem by me.

  • Take a pause

    Take a pause

    It’s important to take a pause. This one is from me to you.

  • I don’t care

    I don’t care

    It’s been a while since I published anything but I’ve still been writing bits and pieces. This is a poem I wrote and been holding on to for quite a while.

  • The hope within despair

    The hope within despair

    Brief sunday-thoughts on the light that exists in darkness.

  • Downside up and outside in

    Downside up and outside in

    This is a micropoem I wrote today.

  • The Mosquito Effect

    The Mosquito Effect

    You might know The Butterfly Effect. This is the nuance which masquerades as The Mosquito Effect.

  • All or nothing

    All or nothing

    This is one of my first attempts to craft something brief and condense in a poetic matter. First published on my private Instagram.

  • An odd case of confirmation bias

    Sometimes your mind plays tricks on you.

  • A letter from the brain to the brain

    A letter from the brain to the brain

    With my brain disease I often feel like my subconscious is able to communicate too directly with my consciousness in non-audible and non-conversational ways. This is a letter I imagined my subconscious would write my consciousness if it could. It’s exists in a conflict of troublesome grandiosity and comforting self-doubt.

  • You’ll meet a lot of people, who, to put it simply don’t know what they are talking about

    In 1970, a CBS executive famously said that there were four things you would never ever see on television:

  • A walk to the harbour

    Sometimes I get an elusive non-conversational, non-visual, non-audible, non-sensible and non-emotional thought that I is costly to transform into anything transferable… But I can’t resist pursuing the discovery of what it’ll reveal once transformed. This is one of those thoughts.

  • What is it to you?

    What is it to you?

    I had this post played out in my mind during a walk two weeks ago. But it vanished from my memory and it didn’t return till an ambulance once more passed me.

  • Be mindful of what you wish for

    Be mindful of what you wish for

    While my blog is meant to be in english the first book I wrote was in danish. This post is gonna be an intro in english and then a sample chapter from my first book as I think the chapter exemplifies some thouhgts I’ve had the last week.