Downside up and outside in

Poem by Pierre Minik. Text embedded within the content post.

Downside up and outside in
I’m not laughing. You’re laughing.
These giggles are not of joy.
They’re giggles of sadness.


I find a comforting freedom in the shadows. When I feel the society and the norm is periodically bordering insanity I find relief in turning things around and look at the opposite of conventional wisdom.

Also inverting some popcultural sayings and cliches can be super fun. 🤪

We don’t always need a positive outlook on life. Theres no valid rational nor irrational reason to keep the witchhunt on negative emotions going except to ackowledge that some people desperately are in dire need of that witchhunt for their own sake. That is okay as long as you remind yourself to resist needlessly punishing yourself for having negative emotions. ❤️

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