Crooked bread

I think people who say: “Two wrongs doesn’t make a right”, aren’t people who tend to cut bread very crookedly.

The past

“The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.”

L.P. Hartley

too far

i know the way i hurt you
but i can’t comprehend
why i let me

i’m afraid to know
how you feel seeing me again
so i dare not look back
to see if you’re there

i know it’s not for me to wish
but i wish i’d see you smile
so i’ll know you weren’t
consumed by my doing

and while i wish
i wish i’d see you see me
so i could let my silent remorse
be said that i know i took it too far

Think quietly

Think quietly

Dance patiently
Look softly
Build slowly
Hug readily

Rebel forbiddenly

Love loudly

Count the thoughts you don’t have


An Arctic Sunset-rise

Greenland’s National Day is the day of summer solstice, when our daylight is at its longest. The midnight sun barely hits the horisont before it turns upwards again.

This is a picture taken from my bedroom, a few hours after the sun kissed the horisont. It’ll be another month before we have nautical twilight.