Take a pause

Photo by Krisjanis Mezulis on Unsplash.

Take a pause

Take a pause. Its the only honest advice I can wholeheartedly wish for you.

Take a pause like nobody is watching.

Take a pause. Inhale the sky. Let the waves of the oceans wash over your mind. Feel the colours of the sunset. Taste the texture of the air passing through you.

Take a pause. Be quiet for a generous moment. Notice how the nature subtly approaches you.

Take a pause. Relax your body without enforcing discipline upon it.

Take a pause. Observe the stillness coming before a storm that never arrives.

Take a pause. Enjoy the serenity of the mountains.

Take a pause not for the infinity your body will be rewarded.

Take a pause celebrating how swiftly you can reach nowhere.

Take a pause to thank your heart for its loyal beats.

Take a pause. Find comfort in how the universe informs the answers to your questions.

Take a pause. Experience your blood calmly dance to the music of your heart.

Take a pause not because its the only thing that is efficient.

Take a pause as your soul undergo a soothing rebirth.

Take a pause to honour the long journey that brought you here.

Take a pause. Preserve your heat like snowflakes coming together to protect the landscape from another cycle.

Take a pause to see your thoughs from a far.

Take a pause. Contemplate the language of the space that surrounds you.

Take a pause to appreciate the curve you were granted by time.

Take a pause. Sense life showering you with kindness.

Take a pause. Take a pause like your body, conciousness and innerself are friends finally reunited.

Take. A. Pause. Its the only place you can release you worries into the abyss without retaliation.

By Pierre Minik

Hello, my name is Pierre and I’m a human being born in 1984 that live on top of the world. I’m an interfusing generalist with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I love system thinking and discovering signals in the noise.

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