too far

i know the way i hurt you
but i can’t comprehend
why i let me

i’m afraid to know
how you feel seeing me again
so i dare not look back
to see if you’re there

i know it’s not for me to wish
but i wish i’d see you smile
so i’ll know you weren’t
consumed by my doing

and while i wish
i wish i’d see you see me
so i could let my silent remorse
be said that i know i took it too far

Think quietly

Think quietly

Dance patiently
Look softly
Build slowly
Hug readily

Rebel forbiddenly

Love loudly

Count the thoughts you don’t have


Night and Day

Night and Day

At night
our mind
live in dreams

At day
our mind
dreams in reality

At night
our dreams
is our freedom

At day
our reality
is our prison

At night
we believe
we are true

At day
we know
we are true

At night
At day
we are mistaken


Take a pause

Take a pause

Take a pause. Its the only honest advice I can wholeheartedly wish for you.

Take a pause like nobody is watching.

Take a pause. Inhale the sky. Let the waves of the oceans wash over your mind. Feel the colours of the sunset. Taste the texture of the air passing through you.

Take a pause. Be quiet for a generous moment. Notice how the nature subtly approaches you.

Take a pause. Relax your body without enforcing discipline upon it.

Take a pause. Observe the stillness coming before a storm that never arrives.

Take a pause. Enjoy the serenity of the mountains.

Take a pause not for the infinity your body will be rewarded.

Take a pause celebrating how swiftly you can reach nowhere.

Take a pause to thank your heart for its loyal beats.

Take a pause. Find comfort in how the universe informs the answers to your questions.

Take a pause. Experience your blood calmly dance to the music of your heart.

Take a pause not because its the only thing that is efficient.

Take a pause as your soul undergo a soothing rebirth.

Take a pause to honour the long journey that brought you here.

Take a pause. Preserve your heat like snowflakes coming together to protect the landscape from another cycle.

Take a pause to see your thoughs from a far.

Take a pause. Contemplate the language of the space that surrounds you.

Take a pause to appreciate the curve you were granted by time.

Take a pause. Sense life showering you with kindness.

Take a pause. Take a pause like your body, conciousness and innerself are friends finally reunited.

Take. A. Pause. Its the only place you can release you worries into the abyss without retaliation.

I don’t care

I don’t care

My glass is almost empty.
But I don’t care.

My card will be declined if
I try to buy more to drink.
But I don’t care.

I was way too tired
to go out in the first place.
But I don’t care.

I had important things
planned for tomorrow that
aren’t likely to happen.
But I don’t care.

Everyone pushes to
party harder.
But I don’t care.

The others think I’ve grown
weak declining their free beer.
But I don’t care.

I don’t care.

I’m as drunk as I need to be
and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

The only thing that matters is
I finally have her undivided attention.

The rest was, as they say,
a journey meant to be. ❤️


Downside up and outside in

Downside up and outside in
I’m not laughing. You’re laughing.
These giggles are not of joy.
They’re giggles of sadness.


I find a comforting freedom in the shadows. When I feel the society and the norm is periodically bordering insanity I find relief in turning things around and look at the opposite of conventional wisdom.

Also inverting some popcultural sayings and cliches can be super fun. 🤪

We don’t always need a positive outlook on life. Theres no valid rational nor irrational reason to keep the witchhunt on negative emotions going except to ackowledge that some people desperately are in dire need of that witchhunt for their own sake. That is okay as long as you remind yourself to resist needlessly punishing yourself for having negative emotions. ❤️

All or nothing

All or nothing

“You are lucky”
they self-assuredly assert

“You have double of everything”
they proclaim so sure of themselves

Two heritages
Two mother tongues
Two families
Two homes
Two places to belong

It’s the lie
in any one of them
that shatters the shelter
of all the other lies
meant to comfort

Time and time again
they show you
in words and in actions
that you are never
to belong to either

You vividly recall
when you understood
that it is always
all or nothing
and never both
at the same time

Full of doubt
and uncertainty
you trade to get
freedom and peace
as you choose
a stance
a loyalty
a default

And with the
pledge of allegiance
worn as a faux mask
you feel as if
you’ve sold your soul
for something
that was just meant
to hide the
rage and agony